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Once upon a time, there was a guy named Kevin. He liked cooking and he was good at it. Because he always wanted to start his own thing he came up with the idea to make gourmet pancakes - not your average pancakes with simple maple syrup and a couple of strawberries, but something more original, with a twist. But he needed other creative people in his team. Hannah seemed like a perfect partner - she is amazing at baking! But something was missing. That's when they asked Jana to take photographs of their tasty creations. 

Together the team of German 20-something students created a food blog that would showcase what they can create. They decided to call themselves Pancake Stories - because every pancake has a story to tell. This blog is about celebrating breakfast - it is the most important meal, it can make your whole day. It is also about reinventing pancakes and taking them to the next level. All dishes on this website are prepared with a lot of thought and love and sometimes with a little bit of humor.

The hands
Kevin loves to cook. He works as a chef in a sushi restaurant, but he can cook so much more. He is always going for perfection in food preparation. He constantly comes up with epic new flavors and recipes for our pancakes. If you want to know what he is up to, check his Instagram @ksupertramp.

The eye
Jana loves to travel around the globe. When she is not sneaking around another awesome country she takes photographs of our pancake creations in an artful way. Sometimes she brings plates and forks from around the world, but never knifes (those are not allowed on planes). Follow her travels at @themightyjane.

The heart
Hannah loves art. She has a fundamental sense for creativity and doubles that with her abilities in baking all kinds of awesome foods. Hannah makes all of our yummy sauces, toppings and sweets. On her Instagram account @luisaboose you can take a look at some of her baked goods, be it a cake, a brownie or cookie-dough fudge.